Every man has a God-given talent which is a gift freely given in the advancement of personal endeavors.

The talents we are all given are meant to be nurtured so that they can become monumental tools in the creation of personal independence and fulfillment.

However, it is astounding that a greater majority of people have not yet discovered their talents.

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Collins Omondi, a Kenyan painter is among the few who are reaping from the talents they have worked for as it is said, ” nothing comes on a silver platter.”

The prolific painter is alleged to have made a drawing of a renowned American TV host Steve Harvey. The drawing is said to have been so captivating to an extent of capturing the attention of the TV host that later ended up in scheduling for a hook up with the painter in Botswana

Moreover, the gesture taken by Steve Harvey touched the hearts of many Kenyans who consequentially went on social media to express their gratitude.

As a result of this, the course of action changed when NTV Kenya went on to post about the whole issue surrounding Collins Omondi melting the heart of American TV host Steve Harvey with his drawing.

Kenyan on Twitter become angry with the degrading post by NTV Kenya on grounds of trying not to give credit to the mouthwatering artwork of the drawer.

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They have agitated for the need of NTV Kenya to show credit and recognition on individuals’ efforts.

See below some of their proclamations.