Former congregants of Prophet David Owuor’s Ministry of Repentance and Holiness church have slammed the man of God for conducting “fake miracles”.

The ex-followers who quit the church have accused Owuor of running a cult and using it as a cash cow with the pretense he was healing sick people.

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In a series of tweets on Tuesday, March 3, Yona Okoth, a former staunch faithful of the church revealed the prophet’s dark secrets terming his alleged marvelous actions a “scam”

Okoth said Owuor’s doctrines were computer generated. “Owuor’s doctrines are based on computer graphics and camera generated glory. When I realized this, I seriously began to reconsider the doctrine of two prophets in one and the end time Elijah,” Okoth said.

He said he decided to investigate the said miracles to ascertain if they were indeed genuine but his research proved otherwise.

Okoth further dismissed claims offerings were not collected in the the church saying members were forced to contribute in groups.

“Before I joined Owuorism, I heard how Owuor condemned other pastors for preaching and asking for money. Owuor made us believe his ministry is different. But when I joined, I discovered money is asked under cover. They put you in groups and collect money,” he said.

Okoth’s remarks comes days after another former member Joseph Kinoti shared a string of disturbing revelations portraying Owuor as a liar, hypocrite and man using supernatural powers to dupe the public into believing he is a miracle worker.

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“Owuor has managed, over time, to put together a team of expert video editors to assist him in “fulfilling” his fake predictions. These video editors will always do massive editing of Owuor’s predictions in order to match any calamity in town,” Kinoti said.

The arguments sparked conversations on social media with some supporting the claims while others said God should be left to judge.

“The funny thing about Owour ‘cloud miracles’ is that they provide only photos, to give them room for Photoshoping, no video prove,” Brian Muritu noted.

“Owuor is a con. Every time Kenya approaches an election, he comes out with predictions of bloodshed and war,” Jamaa Fulani opined.

“I have my own reservations But talking about Dr David Owuor or any other person without evidence is wrong,” Deborah Jeptoo differed.