Coronavirus outbreak has been a crisis that has called for a global concern. No one can claim he or she is off the hook concerning this deadly pandemic. It has taken the world by storm, each country taking prerequisite measures to mitigate the severity of the disease.

Countries all over the world have not taken lightly the diverse effect of COVID-19 outbreak. Governments have taken efforts, institutionalized necessary measures, held press conferences updating their citizen on the way forward in dealing with the disease.

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Philanthropists around the world have come forth to give an enabling hand in tackling the menace. Bill Gates, Jack Ma, to mention a few have donated billions of dollars and other necessary equipment such as face masks and coronavirus test kits in the bid to counter the virus.

On Monday, 16th, March. 2020, Alibaba Group founder Jack Ma donated 20,000 coronavirus test kits and 100,000 face masks to the United States of America. He has however pledged to support each of the 54 African countries with aids in fighting coronavirus.

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The advent of coronavirus has come up with adverse effects in the lifestyle of many people all over the world but to some, they are reaping massive gains with the presence of the pandemic. Such of this individuals include bloggers.

The daily lives and daily routine of people have been interrupted and they have been forced to stay home to keep themselves safe from contracting this deadly COVID-19 virus. This has been termed as self-quarantine.

By staying home in this modern generation, the best company people have are their phones, tablets, laptops and other related devices. They want to be informed of what is happening outside there. The media now becomes a monumental tool in the supply of information about the current state of facts over coronavirus outbreak.

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Bloggers are busy taking advantage of this crisis having it in mind that they will gain viewership through the updates they supply to their audience. They understand it as a matter of fact that a great majority of people have internet enabled devices and are now glued to them going around the social media platforms as form of leisure as they are to stay home as a necessity.

With the viewership the bloggers are now getting always converts in to monetary returns that makes them at the end of the day reap something from the ongoing crisis.