Former Nairobi Diaries actress Stacy Vugutsa has landed in trouble once again over her inability to clear hotel bills.

The socialite was on Friday, October 9, arraigned at a Mombasa court for failing to pay, KSh 208,000 bill she had accumulated at the prestigious English Point Marina hotel.

According to Citizen, Pendo accumulated a bill totaling to KSh 330,000 but was able to pay only KSh 145,000.

The hotel management picked issue with her and blocked her from checking out over the same but she promised to pay the balance within two days, something she did not.

Socialite Pendo paid half of the bill and could not clear the rest. Photo: UGC

It has been discovered that the English Point Marina hotel chased for the balance for about two weeks in vain and was forced to take legal action that saw the socialite arraigned.

Pendo was arraigned before Resident Magistrate David Odhiambo at the Shanzu court in Mombasa on Friday, October 9.

The socialite denied the charges and was released on a KSh 100,000 bond or an alternative cash bail of KSh 35,000.

The court ordered Pendo to pay the money she owes the hotel before March 15, 2021, when her case will be heard next.

It has been established that the socialite is said to have checked in to the fancy hotel in the company of a man whose identity is still a mystery.

The two spent a couple of days together before the man ditched her, leaving her in trouble.

This is not the first time Pendo is in trouble with law enforcers.

In 2018, the lass was arrested after her mzungu bae bailed out on her leaving her with a bill of Ksh75,000 at a Westlands based hotel.

Until her arrest, the socialite had induced jealousy online by flaunting her engagement ring and revealing she was going to marry her mzungu bae.