This world is a real shit, a jungle filled with beasts in sheep’s clothing. It is only a place for the haves to prosper and the havenots to mercilessly perish.

Kikulacho ki nguoni mwako“. The people you call friends are in most times seasonal. During the time of grace, they will be many. But when you are in the grass, no one is there to bother about you.

The story of Ben Maurice alias Othuol Othuol is a heartbreaking one that has left a lot of people especially Kenyans perturbed.

“Man for himself and God for us all”. No one is outside there to take care of another. Othuol has been for a long time suffering from a brain tumor that caused his death.

As previously highlighted by, Othuol was once infected by tuberculosis and he struggled in the fight against the disease which lucky got cured.

Being a celebrity, Othuol Othuol was well known and had close friends around him who had financial capability who a sane person can discern the possibility of them to help without distress.

The deceased comedian battled with brain tumor for a long time which made his tounge to swell hence making him incapable of drinking and swallowing food.

His second chemotherapy was underway whereby he was needed to raise Ksh. 15,000 in order to undergo the treatment.

What surprises me is that he tried to seek assistance from well-wishers and renowned close friends but it bore no fruits. As a result of this, he couldn’t get to undergo the chemotherapy hence succumbing to death.

I am convinced that this world is grossly crooked, a “man eat man” society full of selfish and egocentric beings. No one was there to help out in settling his hospital bills in order to undergo the chemotherapy but after his death, people from all sectors of life especially the friends who even worked with him have come up seeking to raise Ksh.700,000 for his burial in Siaya but they couldn’t raise Ksh. 15,000 for his medical bills.

This is a perfect scenario of deep seated hypocrisy, egocentrism, selfishness, pretence, and other words of similar nature, you may name it.

My sincere advise to you who is reading this article: Work out your life knowing that no one cares about you and is only you yourself that can be able to rescue yourself from uncertainties of this world.

Above all, trust in God, not in man (Psalms 125:1).