As the clock continues ticking towards the 2022 general elections, DP Ruto is increasingly spreading his hustler nation narrative in the whole country.

One particular region he has been targeting is the Gems Region which is a vote rich region he is intending to boost his ambitions of succeeding President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Yesterday the DP had made a stopover at Nyeri in the region and majority of the region came out in large numbers to welcome him thus sending a message that the region was ready for his presidency.

With this coming at a time a section of the leaders in the region have been burning the midnight oil to sell Raila in the region, lawayer Ahmednasir has revealed why the region prefers a Ruto presidency and not a Raila presidency.

Taking to his Tweeter, he revealed that Ruto enjoys almost 80 percent of support in the region and 40 percent of his support in the region was due to Raila.

Now why Raila? According to Ahmednasir, the region has been made to fear and distrust Raila and this is the main reason why it is warming up to DP Ruto in fear of a Raila Odinga Presidency.

The region has always voted against Raila in other elections and this is the main reason why it is still difficult to convince them to vote for Raila in 2022.

Below is a tweet posted by Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi: