The Building Bridges Initiatives (BBI) Joint Secretary Paul Mwangi has disputed claims made by Maj (Rtd) John Seii over the alleged doctoring of the report.

Mwangi, who also serves as ODM Leader Raila Odinga’s personal lawyer, read mischief in Seii’s claims that some proposals in the BBI report were secretly inserted.

The lawyer sensationally claimed that Seii had been secretly confidential deliberations, adding that the elder’s statements did not surprise his colleagues in the taskforce.

Seii, a Kalenjin elder who served in the BBI taskforce, had claimed that the team had not been given ample time to review the report and were ambushed into signing it off.

“More than two times during BBI retreats, Major Seii was caught secretly photographing presentations on the projector screen.

“When asked he claimed he had bad eyesight and wanted to take a closer look. Members beseeched him to stop. Not surprised how it’s eventually playing out,”

Mwangi claimed.

The BBI Joint Secretary added that Seii had requested additional security, saying he was under pressure from unnamed quarters.

“Of concern though is why Major Seii, a respected elder, is lying. Ever since 2018, he has said he is under pressure. Severally he asked the secretariat for security. Even when we were signing he told everyone he is under pressure. Is Major Seii okay?”

The development came even as allies of Deputy President William Ruto have sought to discredit the BBI process and the report as divisive and meant to serve the selfish interests of political leaders.

The DP’s allies claim that Ruto was intentionally left out of the BBI process. However, recently President Uhuru Kenyatta disputed claims that his deputy had been ousted during the process

The president noted that the DP had been given a chance to nominate BBI team with Seii being reported as one of the three elders picked by Ruto.