The ICC had already buried and forgotten the cases against the 6 Kenyans who had been accused for fueling tribal clashes in 2007 citing lack of enough evidence.

The court might however return to Kenya soon courtesy of renowned lawyer Paul Gicheru who paid them a friendly visit on Monday.

Gicheru has been on the ICC wanted list for about 5 years after being accused of interfering with DP Ruto’s case in the ICC by bribing the witnesses who were set to testify against him so that they would recant their statement and fail to testify.

This has sent fears into Ruto’s camp as it is not known whether Gicheru will testify against him.

A report by The Standard has revived an 2016 incidence which might leave the DP hopping that the ICC will not becoming for him. In 2016 president Kenyatta stood on the podium in front of Kenyans and swore that he would not allow any other Kenyan to face prosecution in a foreign country.

“I will not allow any other Kenyan to be tried in a foreign court. As a country, we have closed the ICC chapter,”

the President promised.

Uhuru gave the promise after the ICC withdrew a case against him, DP Ruto, Joshua Arap Sang and Francis Muthaura.

Uhuru’s words means that the DP will not be tried in the ICC under any circumstance.