On Monday November 9, Education CS Prof. George Magoha was in Mombasa where opened a symposium on STI response to covid-19 pandemic and infusion into post covid recovery strategies.

While addressing the media, CS George Magoha questioned local scholars and researchers for not giving Kenyans critical information concerning Covid19 after their research.

“Why are we not researching and giving Kenyans information on Covid-19? Why can’t someone even just research on why Kenyans are not wearing masks properly and give a solution. It is good to publish but can you also give quick findings and information,”

said Prof George Magoha.

CS Magoha further noted that research institutions, universities both public and private have done well theoretically but they measure the effect of what has been done, it does not make sense.

“We get everything correct theoretically but when we measure the effects of what has been done, it is zero,”

he added.

The CS warned researchers not not wait funds from the government stating that research money would only be given to researchers who pitches would be considered serious.