The High Court, family division has suspended its operations after three of its staffers tested positive to corona virus.

In a statement on Wednesday, acting CJ Philomena Mwilu said three members of staff, one of whom has been admitted have tested positive for Covid-19.

“Due to the nature of the Division, there is a high volume of daily movement of files across the Division’s sections as well as within the building, court room and judges’ chambers,”

she said.

“Due to this high level of movement of files and the extensive interaction of between staff, as well as between staff and our clients and court users, we are apprehensive of the potential for significant spread of the virus.”

There are a total of 53 staffers and legal researchers, 10 attached students, two judicial officers and four judges in the Family Division.

Mwilu said:

“As the Cabinet Secretary for Health, Hon. Mutahi Kagwe, EGH state inhis address to the nation earlier today, tthe nation is in the grip of a third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

“The Judiciary will not be spared the effects of this contagion. Our key imperative in the circumstances is the health and safety of all our staff, court users and their families.”

Earlier, Kagwe noted that the sharp increase in numbers calls for vigilance to avoid being overwhelmed by a possible third wave of the pandemic.

He announced that 12 patients succumbed to the disease while another 89 were admitted in Intensive Care Unit.

We are about to start another difficult period, but I know that having overcome the first two, we can also overcome this one. I know that this time round people feel tired, I am tired as well. It has taken a toll on us over the past one year,”

Kagwe said.

“We also know that it is at this time when we feel the way we feel that we can let our guard down and adopt a don’t care attitude that then we will be hit hardest.”

The CS therefore urged all Kenyans to renew their commitment to ensure lives are saved.