There’s been a flurry of online activity in the past few hours following a leading story in today’s Nation newspaper confirming that the leader of an unnamed African Country was admitted with serious breathing problems at the Nairobi Hospital.

Although the authors invoke diplomatic protocol guarding against revealing the identity of the African leader the piece goes ahead to provide minute details about John Pombe Magufuli. Details such as how he appeared in public lastly on 27th February point out to a church engagement he attended in Dodoma where he candidly said Tanzanians should wear masks so long as they are approved by the Health Ministry.

The authors also allude to how the country he leads has been jeopardizing the fight against Covid-19 by introducing unconventional measures such as steam inhalation and herbal treatment.

Last night Tanzanian Opposition Leader Antiphas Tundu Lissu questioned why the government was so secretive on the state of health of the Head of State. Lissu could afford to pose the pertinent question from his sanctuary in exile. Within Tanzania it’s anathema to mention the health of the president particularly in relation to a Covid-19 related infection.

In the recent past Tanzania has suffered heavy loses with it’s continued denial of the pandemic. Among the deaths of high-ranking government officials from Covid-19 related infections has been that of the Zanzibari Vice President, Seif Sharif Hamad.

An outcry by the Catholic Church has set in motion the belated observation of social distancing, wearing masks in public and washing hands with soap and running water as frequently as possible.

Muhimbili National Hospital, Tanzania’s premier health facility was said to be overrun by Covid-19 cases at a time when the government clamped down on releasing infection statistics.

It will be interesting to see what direction Covid-19 containment measures take when Magufuli finally makes it out of Nairobi Hospital.

In the meantime a third wave of new daily infections has hit Kenya with experts warning against speculation that this could be a more contagious new variant of the disease. The new wave is attributed to laxity in observing containment protocols. Kenya is among the first countries in the world to rollout mass vaccination against the pandemic.