Many road users are familiar with Maersk vehicles, which can be seen on nearly every highway in East and Central Africa.

Many people are unaware that the company is the oldest and largest, providing the best shipping line and vessel operation in the world since 1996.

The corporation is headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, but has branches and offices in more than 130 countries, employing about 80,000 people as of 2019.

The Mollers family, a Danish family, owns the company. Arnold Peter Moller and Peter Maersk Moller formed the company in 1904, making it over 118 years old.

Moller’s family is still in charge of the business today. It is a family company that is publicly traded and run by holding companies.

The company announced in September 2016 that it will be split into two divisions: transportation and logistics and energy. Maersk Transport trucks will mostly be seen heading upcountry from Mombasa, transporting imported goods via containers.

The business is rapidly expanding and now offers a wide range of shipping services.