Government spokesman Crus Oguna has found himself on the receiving end after angry Kenyans came out to lecture him over his remarks on the recent rise in prices of fuel in the country.

This was after Oguna, while speaking on Tuesday, said Kenyans should always be prepared to help government raise the needed taxes and not to always cry when the prices goes up. He said the recent rise in oil prices is nothing compared to what some of the people in European countries are paying.

“Who will help the government? let us not come out to criticize government everytime there is a rise in fuel prices. “The amount of Taxes people pay in Europe are paying is nothing compared to what you’re paying here, you shouldn’t be crying always”

stated Oguna.

Oguna said Kenyans should instead be standing firm and support the government in ensuring it meets its needs.

However, Kenyans came out to criticize the spokesman, saying it was wrong for him to compare Kenya, a third world country still growing, to European countries which have already developed and are far much ahead of Kenya.

Others told off Oguna, saying if they can compare Kenya with Europe in terms of taxes, then the government should be comparing itself to such countries in terms of service deliveries to its citizens, creation of jobs as well as mechanisms put in place to fight corruption.

Below are some of the reactions on Twitter: