The prosecution has at least 52 witnesses who will testify against Former Treasury Cabinet Secretary Henry Rotich and his co-accused in the case involving the multi-billion Arror and Kimwarer dams scandal.

This was revealed on Friday during the pre trial hearing.

Some of the issues that emerged during the pre trial hearing was time allocation for each of the witnesses.

The defense also urged the court to ask the prosecution to reveal what they found from an alleged trip they made to India regarding the case. They argued that it was very critical that the two, DCI and DPP, reveal what they found.

“We want the investigative report from the Italian insurance company called Sace,”

lawyer Katwa Kigen said.

The court was told that the DPP has not disclosed the findings of their trip to Italy.

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“We request the court to make directions that before the due date, they specify which witnesses are relevant to which count,”

the court heard.

However, the prosecution led by Ali Taib, told the court that full disclosure on the matter had been made.

“We are assuring the court that the DPP has made full disclosure but because we are two separate institution and if there’s anything else we will make sure that we disclose before we come back,”

State Lawyer Alexander Muteti said.

Trial magistrate Douglas Ogoti said that no evidence will be locked out, adding that order must be adhered to.

The prosecution denied allegations that the DPP went to Italy to investigate.

“The DPP does not engage in investigation he’s duty is to prosecute,”

court was told.

The prosecution submitted that they do not need to go to Italy to get information from Sace as they have offices in Upper Hill, Nairobi.

“I’m not in a position to supply documents about such trips, but since they seem to be having information about alleged trips that have no relevance they are free to produce that evidence during the trial,”

Taib submitted.

The court will issue directions on April 23, 2021