Deputy President William Ruto is currently on Radio Citizen Morning Breakfast Show for a national interview. The interview is being conducted by Radio citizens Ateya.

During the debate, matters concerning the hustler nation, BBI and 2022 politics took centre stage with Ruto promising Kenyans that after the BBI goes through the BIG 4 agendas will be accomplished.

He was further asked why he has been missing in the public limelight of late with Kenyans speculating on his health status. Speaking during the interview, Ruto revealed he has been missing in action recently as he has been busy performing his tasks as the deputy president.

Ateya asked DP Ruto if there was a plan to work with ODM’s party leader Raila Odinga towards 2022 General elections. Ruto stated that he was ready to work with anyone including Raila if his political ambitions matched his.

Ruto further stated that any politician who was ready to embrace his approach in building from the lowest Kenyans going forward was welcomed to working wiuth him.

‘Tutashirikiana na yeyote ambaye ako tayari kuanza kusaidia mwananchi wa nchi kuelekea juu,”

Ruto stated.