Following rumours that three prominent political figures had been hospitalized at the Nairobi Hospital with former prime minister Raila Odinga and the late Tanzania president Pombe Magufuli having paid the facility a visit,details have now emerged revealing the third name is retired president Mwai Kibaki.

Although his private secretary Ngari Githuku refuted the claims of the third president being admitted when he was contacted for inquiries on the phone,a source disclosed to a local Kenyan daily the star of Kibaki’s whereabouts.

“He is still hospitalised. He is in the VIP ward. Due to Covid-19, only his doctors and authorised visitors are allowed to see him,”

a source told the Star.

Mwai Kibaki is believed to have been admitted at the Nairobi Hospital on March 9 with what was initially thought to be low blood pressure but the source revealed the former president is being treated of a condition that affects his immune system.

The 89 year old has been in and out of hospital in recent years with different health complications with some being related to his old age while some are said to be an effect of the accident he suffered in 2002 in Machakos.

Kibaki served as the President of the republic from 2002 to 2013 before he was succeeded by Uhuru Kenyatta and since his retirement he has been out of the limelight with his only public appearance happening in February 2020 to view the body of the late president Daniel Moi.