Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has ignited calls seeking to stop International Monetary Fund(IMF) from loaning Kenya.

In a long post he made on his Facebook Page, the controversial MP urged IMF to consider giving Kenyans vaccine rather than cash.

According to Kuria majority of Kenyans need to be kept safe from the pandemic and therefore providing jabs to Kenyans will be a proper move.

“Dear IMF. We really appreciate your good intentions to lend money to us. But let us change the model just a bit. We need you to lend us 25 Million Covid-19 jabs at our buying price of $7 each which is $175 Million or Ksh 18 Billion only. This will be sufficient to vaccinate all Kenyans above the age of 18,”

Moses Kuria stated on Facebook.

According to the MP if Kenya is given cash, the money will be lost leaving citizens vulnerable to the pandemic.

” But give us the jabs not the money because we will steal the money. Send us the bill of lading we go pick the vaccines ourselves,”

he wrote on Facebook.

Kuria Joins thousands of Kenyans who have aired out their reservation on Kenya borrowing more funds from the IMF.

Over 200,000 Kenyans signed a petiton seeking to stop IMF from giving Kenyans loans.