On Sunday, Citizen TV ran one of the most daring exposé that unmasked how police officers have been hiring guns, police uniforms, handcuffs and bullets to criminal gangs that have been terrorizing Kenyans.

The intriguing exposé was done in the most practical manner yet as the lead reporter Purity Mwambia took it upon herself to unravel the steps used and also acquire the aforementioned weapons from the police officers working with criminal gangs.

And indeed, she succeeded.

She managed to get several bullets, Ceska Pistol, Ak-47 riffle, Police Uniform and Handcuff from police officers in the illegal business.

The exposé placed a section of police officers, mandated with the responsibility of protecting Kenyans from criminal activities, on spot on how they have been aiding and abating crime in the society.

Purity Mwambia narrated how one of the suspected criminal in the gun hiring syndicate identified as Mwangi was killed in a robbery incident in Kayole.

In the exposé, she mentioned how a popular police officer who goes by the moniker Hessy wa Kayoye claimed responsibility of Mwangi’s death and shared gorry images of his body on Facebook .

Mwambia reported that the gun recovered from Mwangi was hired from Dandora Police Station though a police report on the same indicated otherwise.

Hours after the investigative piece, Hessy wa Dandora has come out to castigate the Citizen TV Journalist for reporting that the riffle, recovered from Mwangi, was hired from Dandora Police Station.

“There’s an issue i would wish you to clarify here: you said, the late #Mwas aka #Mwaskana was to lease his Kenya police pistol to you unfortunately, you received news that he had been shot dead and his gun recovered by the police: and the said gun belonged to Dandora police station.

“.. the pistol DID NOT, DOES NOT AND WILL NEVER belong to Dandora police station. Kindly do your investigations properly and keenly so that you dont assassinate other innocent police officers’ character,”

wrote Hessy on Facebook.

According to Hessy, the riffle recovered from Mwangi was a Jericho pistol (KE KP 33441078).

The same pistol killed a KENYA AIRFORCE SERGEANT directly opposite Super Loaf primary school at Baraka Mowlem area.

Hessy says Dandora Police Station engages not in such activities of hiring guns and the officer therefore blames the Citizen TV reporter for implicating the station in that criminal activity.