Emurua Dikir MP Johanna Ngeno spent a night at the police station yesterday. After allegations that the legislator was arrested, he came out clear to denounce the same saying he was following up the arrests of UDA party clerks who were arrested in his constituency while registering new members.

The MP took to his social media pages to condemn their arrests saying they were doing what was legally right. He accused the police officers who took part in the arrest of not following the constitution, questioning its validity.

“Currently at Emurua Dikirr police station trying to secure the release of UDA registration clerks who were arrested today at Takitech Centre, Emurua Dikirr constituency for undertaking party recruitment drive. Has the constitution been suspended? ,”

Ngeno posted.

The controversial MP recently defected from the KANU party to join the deputy president’s UDA party. He is the head of the party in the Narok region. He with his allies from the same party had promised to mass recruit members from across the country as they prepare for 2022.

In his interview with citizen TV, their leader deputy president revealed that the party is what they are considering using come 2022. He said that they had run out of patience to continue clinging to the Jubilee party after they were pushed out.

The clerks are said to have been arrested for flaunting the recently released COVID-19 regulations of not having more than 30 people crowded in one place. They are said to have had a huge crowd of UDA supporters who wished to register for the party.