Diamond Platnumz says he has made over Sh4 million from YouTube since the release of ‘Waah’ featuring Koffi Olomide a few months ago.

He shared his analytics on Insta stories and tips on how his fellow artistes can earn income.

He explained the video had generated 32,266.53 Euros (Sh4,166,200) when it attained 39,358,770 views on YouTube. The video has since garnered over 60 million views.

He added that views will translate to more money, depending on which region or country the said views emanated from. He urged fellow artistes to always strive to ensure their content is relatable not only in their countries but other regions as well and especially First World countries, to maximise the gains.

“Not every song with the same number of views can generate that much income. It depends on who and from where the fans will be watching it from. There are some countries where the views don’t earn much income. Developed countries are the best countries to source views from,”

he said.

“When you see a person deciding to create work that trends, please respect them. They are role models for others. One could have shared nude videos and trended easily but embarrassed the nation.”

‘Yope’ Remix featuring Congolese singer Innoss’ B, released a year ago, is his most-viewed song on YouTube, with over 149 million views. ‘Inama’ featuring another Lingala singer, Fally Ipupa, is second with 87 million views.

‘Nana’ released five years ago, featuring Nigerian hunk Mr Flava, is third with 72 million views.

‘Waah’ is currently fourth, while ‘African Beauty’, released three years ago featuring American Omarion, closes the top five with 59 million views.

Diamond’s YouTube channel has at least 600 videos that entail music, behind the scenes, tour performances and his daily lifestyle.