Guinness world records have has been around since August 27th, 1955 up to date. This entails publications of different achievements done by different people all over the world. Today am going to share with you 5 Guinness world records that might never be broken.

1. Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth is now 95 years old. This makes her the oldest ruling queen in the British monarchy. This record might never be broken.

  1. Roy C. Sullivan

He is the only man who has survived been struck by lighting more than six times. The first time was in 1942 and the 7th one was in 1977.

  1. Yamaguchi

He is the only man in history to have served the nuclear attacks. When the first one was dropped in Nagasaki he was there for a business trip and when the second one was dropped in Hiroshima he had traveled back home.

  1. Pele

Pele is probably one of the best footballers in the world. He is the only player to have ever worn the FIFA world cup 3 times.