Former Kiss FM presenter Shaffie Weru has landed a new job after his Homeboyz Radio fiasco that saw him exit the station in March.

Speaking during an interview on KTN’s What’s Your Story, on Saturday, April 25, the embattled presenter disclosed that he had landed a managerial job at Roya Group of companies.

Weru explained that he had joined the company as the Head of Entertainment where he will be venturing out to meet clients.

“This is my new hustle and here we do many things… it does a lot of investments that does a lot of investments and realtor business…

“This is my new hustle. This time round I am coming out,”

stated Shaffie.

Weru also disclosed during the interview that his earlier comments made on his show – which saw him get fired – were not meant to hurt anyone – and admitted that he did not consider the context of the story.

Weru left Homeboyz radio alongside DJ Joe Mfalme and Neville Muysa after the station found the trio’s comments on one of the morning shows ‘an egregious breach of the company’s editorial policies.’

The company and its subsidiary Homeboyz Radio 2017 Limited argued that it had suffered loss of business and reputational damage of the companies’ 15-year-old and 20-year-old brands.

The company had also indicated that Shaffie had contravened its policies and his employment contract which had led to the termination of his services.

Shortly after his departure, Weru issued a demand letter to Homeboyz parent company Radio Africa Group.

He was seeking one month’s salary in lieu of notice amounting to Ksh682,500, 12 months’ salary for unfair termination amounting to Ksh8,190,000, and gratuity (one month for every year of service) amounting to Ksh12,285,000.

Radio Africa stated at the time that it countersue Weru for Ksh150 million.