National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi on Tuesday, October 5, confirmed that Parliament had received a petition seeking a law that will introduce term limits for the Office of the Deputy President as well as Members of Parliament (MPs)

The petition dated September 28 was introduced by Jonah Gachuki who is seeking to have MPs limited to only serving two terms.

Gachuki further seeks to have the position of Deputy President as well as that of Members of the County Assembly subjected to the same limitations.

Other positions named in the petition include Speaker of the National Assembly, Speaker of the Senate and Deputy Governors.

Gachuki argued that it was unfair and discriminatory to have the two-term limit applied to the President and Governors only.

In this regard, Honourable Members, I wish to report to the House that my office has received a petition signed by Jonah Gachuki. The Petitioner claims that, whereas Articles 142 and 180 of the Constitution fixes the term of office for the President and county Governors, respectively, to two terms, the provisions do not apply to the (aforementioned) seats.

“The petitioner is concerned that the above exemptions are discriminatory,” read the statement in part.

Muturi further directed the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) to investigate the matter and report back to the house with their findings.

The two-term limit on governors’ reign was introduced during the introduction of devolution as part of the 2010 Constitution which created 47 counties.

The presidential term limit was first introduced in 1991 after then-President Daniel Arap Moi repealed Section 2A of the constitution, thereby making Kenya a multi-party state. The law was adopted in the current constitution.

In February 2019, the governors, through a special committee, sought to have their terms extended arguing that the limitations were unfair.

They argued that other positions such as MPs and MCAs were allowed to vie for their positions as many times as they liked.