Businessman Jimmy Wanjigi now claims that he is the one with the original Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) document between President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto.

According to Wanjigi, the Deputy President has control of half of the government, as he witnessed the formation of the Uhuru-Ruto Jubilee government during the first term.

The businessman, who has declared his presidential bid, was keen to note that the agreement between President Uhuru and his Deputy Ruto was that the government positions were to be shared equally.

“I am the one in possession of the current government’s original MoU and the president has seen the document that divided the government into half, one half for Uhuru and the other for Ruto,” he stated.

Wanjigi noted that under the agreement the president and his deputy each took the two main pillars of government.

“President Uhuru took the Security docket while his deputy took the Finance docket, for example the former Cabinet Secretary for Finance Rotich was appointed by the president but from his deputy recommendation,” Wanjigi noted.

Wanjigi who is seeking the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party ticket, has criticized Ruto’s bottom-up economic model citing that he already had the chance to implement his policies.

“Ruto has no credibility to bring up other economic models as he already had the chance to do so as he was in charge of the finance docket as per the MoU,” Wanjigi highlighted.

Wanjigi was keen to state that the problems facing Kenya’s economy started during the Jubilee government’s first term.

“It is during the current government first term where we have seen the governments love for loan borrowing and as per the MoU Ruto was responsible for the country’s economy,” Wanjigi stated.

He added that if the two agree he would put out all the details contained in the power-sharing deal.

We had agreed that I should keep the original MoU document. If they allow me to show it to Kenyans, I shall put it out to the public,” Wanjigi mentioned.